About me

By all accounts, I’m a pretty standard millennial, hence my username @MillenniaEmma on social media. I’m French (with some Polish roots) and currently live in the U.S. with my husband and our sweet dog.

I love history, especially through the lens of individual people’s lives because there’s something so fascinating about the uniqueness and universality of each person’s experience. As I’ve struggled with usual hardships such as unemployment, chronic pain, and societal expectations, I’ve found strength and inspiration in the lives of the women before me, which is one of the reasons I’m so passionate about women’s history.

Am I single?

No, I’m happily married, although I identified with many of my literary heroines when they expressed aversion to marriage, especially Jo March from Little Women. The more I started deconstructing my conservative and religious upbringing, the more I saw women I knew rush into marriage due to societal pressures, and the more I saw my single friends feel ashamed and anxious over their singleness – despite the fact that they’ve achieved so much in terms of education, career, and personal growth, – the more frustrated I became with the institution of marriage. Wanting to channel that anger into something positive, I decided to start this book project on single women through history.

Am I childfree?

Yes, 100%. I love connecting with childfree communities on social media because it really helps balance the constant pro-natalist messaging. In a way, there’s a lot of overlap between how single women and childfree women are viewed by society. I’ve had the opportunity to discuss some aspects of my research on a couple different podcasts – such as the Broadly Underestimated Podcast, the We’re Not Kidding Podcast, and the Spinster Life Podcast – which I’m very grateful for.

Is this my 1st book?

Also yes! I would love to write on childfree women specifically (to include married women) and also on women whose legacies were overshadowed by their male partners or brothers.

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